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Are you the noisy neighbor, or do you have noisy neighbors?   Maybe you would like to block road noise.

Our poly insulated panel makes a great sound barrier.  It takes up less space than building up a earth berm.  And is faster to construct than growing trees.

It is durable and weather resistant.  We have capped the top with colour steel flashing to keep the sun and rain out, along with leaving a nice clean finish.

This is a great fence to build along drive ways in the new smaller residential subdivisions. Quick to build, easy to maintain.

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Kevin will quote your job for free.  The more information you can provide the better, sizes, windows, doors.


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Portable On-site Builder Toilet Room

A simple request, we need a portable, durable, easy clean builders office (toilet 😉).

Built to a high standard, this room will last the test of time. The colour steel skin is highly durable, protecting the occupant from all kinds of hazards.

If it needs to be cleaned, a hose and good scrub will make quick work of it.


This is a durable and easy clean material. Industrial food grade surfaces.

It is also easy to modify. For this job, the plumbers are going to finish the job by easily cutting the holes they need.

The job is built to a high standard, with quality materials built to take a hammering.


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Call me to talk about building your project.

Kevin will quote your job for free.  The more information you can provide the better, sizes, windows, doors.


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Portable Rooms of All Shapes & Sizes

This was a fun job.

Brief: A portable outhouse that fits on a trailer.

We built this panel room for a local who needed a toilet room they could move around.

Complete with a small window for ventilation, and some guttering to catch rain water.

Might have to make myself a portable office like this one 😉



We have used a thinner insulated freezer panel that normal.

This will keep the weight and cost down. While still keeping the handy low maintenance and durability that chiller panel offers.

We still finish to our high standard, including all the small things that make a difference. Notice the flashing on the window and door. These little things ensure your product will work well and look great.


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Happy to provide a quote. We can build anything from a small dog house, to a family house.


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Retail Coldstore Space

Being “diverse” we build pretty much anything out of insulated panel.

This project for a local liquor shop in the Nelson region was a fun build and something a little different.

Public access in a retail space and some nice aluminum joinery so people can see into the chiller.

Beer and wine will be kept nice and cold, while allowing people to easily see inside the chiller to find that missing friend, or provide instructions through the window.

The finish is clean and simple.  Easy to maintain as well.


Multi Purpose Insulated Rooms

Rooms like these can have multiple purposes.  They are also quick to construct with low impact on existing structures.

This one in particular is specifically designed to be kept cold.  But a room like this could also be kept warm, and stay warm easily.

Insulated panel can also be a great sound insulator.  Keep noise in or out.

At a later date, this space could be converted into;

  • A meeting room
  • Show room
  • Smoko or break room
  • An office


Call Kevin to Discuss Your Idea

I love all the little projects people come up with. It is always interesting hearing what people want to build and why.

Call me to get a quote, or just ask if our materials will fit the purpose you have in mind.


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Had an Accident?

Have you had a forklift go through a closed door?

How about someone misjudged a turn and used the forks to rip the door off the track?

Maybe the insulated door is a high traffic thoroughfare and is just worn out?

Need a simple repair to a public or commercial chiller or freezer door?

Or do you need an brand new door to replace that mangled wreck of panel and steel on the ground?


New Coldstore & Chiller Doors

The great news, we have seen a lot of these situations, and have the experience to repair or build a new replacement for you!

Our custom coldstore doors are made with high quality workmanship. We can build one with new materials, or recycle something you have onsite.

We build small chiller doors, single standard doors, and full sized doors big enough for trucks and forklifts to carry their loads.


Coldstore & Chiller Door Repairs and Maintenance

We also repair insulated panel doors. We can apply a patch in a number of ways, and to suit budgets.

Some doors just need a little maintenance. We can do this as well;

  • New door handles
  • Door stops
  • Tighten and lube the tracks
  • New rubber seals and gaskets
  • Quality heavy duty hinges
  • Secure Locks
  • Emergency Exits


Quality Standards

We build and fit our doors, so they work as you expect.

Every environment has it’s own specific situation.  Some doors need to move easily, others need to be tight.

All our workmanship on new and repaired doors is done to the required GMP food grade standards.

We use quality materials that are designed to do the industrial job and last.

We take pride in our work and finish to a high standard.


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Happy to provide a quote. If I know your site, it should be easy enough. But if you are a new client, I may need to visit the site, or if you can provide a photos and dimensions via email, I can give you an idea of cost.


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