Building an insulated home out of insulated panel is something we have been developing for a number of years. It is great to see a local New Zealand company has taken on the challenge.

Insulated panels are modular and interlocking for easy installation and construction. They have a colour steel skin on the inside and outside, and have various types and thickness of foam in the middle.

The modular nature, and insulation properties of this insulated building material, make them perfect for affordable construction.

Insulated panel are also lightweight, so they are perfect for portable flats, offices and workshops.


NZ Herald Article

(Photo / Dean Taylor)


Diverse Panel Solutions

We have built a number of portable buildings with panel, so call us now to talk about your super well insulated dream home.


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I have built a large number of buildings over the years, and applying those skills to a complete home is also a dream of mine.

I would love to discuss what I know about building a home from insulated panel.


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