Retail Coldstore Space

Being “diverse” we build pretty much anything out of insulated panel.

This project for a local liquor shop in the Nelson region was a fun build and something a little different.

Public access in a retail space and some nice aluminum joinery so people can see into the chiller.

Beer and wine will be kept nice and cold, while allowing people to easily see inside the chiller to find that missing friend, or provide instructions through the window.

The finish is clean and simple.  Easy to maintain as well.


Multi Purpose Insulated Rooms

Rooms like these can have multiple purposes.  They are also quick to construct with low impact on existing structures.

This one in particular is specifically designed to be kept cold.  But a room like this could also be kept warm, and stay warm easily.

Insulated panel can also be a great sound insulator.  Keep noise in or out.

At a later date, this space could be converted into;

  • A meeting room
  • Show room
  • Smoko or break room
  • An office


Call Kevin to Discuss Your Idea

I love all the little projects people come up with. It is always interesting hearing what people want to build and why.

Call me to get a quote, or just ask if our materials will fit the purpose you have in mind.


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