What is a CA Store?

Controlled atmosphere (CA storage) is pretty common around the Tasman region. It is a method of controlling the atmosphere to slow the ripening and ageing processes.

For example, cut an apple in half and leave it exposed to the open air, and it will go brown pretty quick. But if you wrapped one half tightly in cling film, it would not brown as fast.


What is Different About a CA Store?

Leak Down Testing for CA storeControlled atmosphere stores require a higher level of detail to be airtight. Diverse Panel have significant experience building CA cold stores, and appreciate the standard of workmanship that needs to happen.

All of the panel joins, glue joins, rivet holes, door seals, have to be airtight.


Why Test Your CA Store?

We recommend that every CA store has an annual “leak-down” test, before you commit to using it for the season.

It is important to ensure it is airtight before you spend valuable dollars controlling the atmosphere. If you have small leaks, they could be the difference in a profitable CA store.

Don’t leave your CA store integrity to chance. Call us to book your test now.


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